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Affiliated Companies.



These three companies are founded and run by the Apuzzo Family. Armenia Coffee Corporation was founded by Joseph Apuzzo in 1956. His son, Joseph Apuzzo Jr., followed in his footsteps and founded Regal Commodities in 2004.


In 2018 Joe Jr. and his son, Joseph Apuzzo III, founded JJM Packaging. With generations of experience in the coffee industry, their manufacturing knowledge and expertise are unparalleled. 


From growing up in this industry, Joseph Apuzzo III, recognized the large waste issue throughout the coffee supply chain. He made it his goal to find a solution, and after years of research and trials, he founded, Bloom Fibers.



Established in 1956, Armenia Coffee Corporation has solidified its reputation in the industry as one of the premier green coffee importers. Armenia takes pride in its ability to connect producers and exporters of green, soluble, and decaffeinated coffees with roasters all around the world.


JJM is a co-packaging company, specializing in flexible pouches, sachets, stick packs, and K-cups. With their state of the art high speed machinery and dedicated team, JJM strives to exceed client expectations with extremely quick lead time and professional packaging solutions.



Bloom Fibers is a materials innovation company on a mission to fix a giant waste problem plaguing the coffee supply chain by giving coffee waste a second life. We make it easier for companies and individuals to reduce their carbon footprints one bean at a time. 


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